About Skillset Senior College

Skillset’s vision is to create life-changing opportunities for people and communities in regional NSW.
Skillset offers a range of services including recruitment, apprenticeship and traineeship services, skills development and mentoring programs as well as alternative senior school education pathways.
Skillset is committed to generating employment opportunities through education and skills development for people across regional NSW.

Skillset Senior College is:

· An independent secondary senior college registered with NESA NSW.

· An education institution that offers a holistic & supportive approach for young people starting from year 10 through to year 12.

· Flexible – we work with students to accommodate their needs and understand their individual differences.

· Understanding – an individual approach to understanding that not all young people succeed with a conventional approach to learning and that barriers to education may have entrenched a reluctance to attend school.

· Supportive – smaller class sizes, professional teachers and access to youth support services makes us ready to support student needs holistically.

· A private school – there is an eligibility criteria and application procedure to determine who can attend.

· A member of the Association of Independent Schools.

Let’s bust some myths:

· Skillset Senior College isn’t a ‘behavioural school’. We are not a school that offers one-on-one behaviour intervention or high levels of behaviour modification.

· We aren’t going to tolerate everything. In fact sometimes, learning in an adult environment can be more challenging as the expectations for self-responsibility can be higher.

· This isn’t the easy option. Success still requires effort at Skillset Senior College, but it’s the size, delivery method and environment that is different. Students who don’t want to exert any effort may not find success at Skillset Senior College.

· We don’t accept everyone – we select students carefully through an application and interview process. It’s about working together and wanting to succeed, so dedication is a must!

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