Wellbeing – At the heart of who we are 

At Skillset Senior College, our mission is to partner with young people who may be experiencing barriers to their education; including mental health issues, bullying, homelessness, substance use, disability and family instability, and to support them to enhance their wellbeing, as they complete their secondary schooling.

We acknowledge and accept that all individuals come to us with a unique background and set of experiences that have shaped their view of themselves, those around them, and the world at large. Many of our students are dealing with the effects of complex trauma, and the associated impact on their physical, mental and emotional development. We believe and hope that all individuals connected to our school – staff, students, their parents, carers and extended networks – will benefit from our relationship based and person-centred approach, which is grounded in rigorous, evidence-based psychological theory and practice.

Cultivating a calm enviroment

At SSC, we recognise the importance of co-regulation in maintaining an atmosphere of calm responsiveness in helping students to navigate the educational setting, and develop their strengths.
A bit of a catch phrase for us at SSC is that we “remain agile and responsive”. Whatever the situation requires, our focus is always on the growth and development of the young person, and the safety and wellbeing of everyone involved.

Gender, Sexuality and self-expression

Our students are all navigating issues of identity, self-expression and belonging. For some students, this journey includes the exploration and affirmation of their sexuality, gender expression and gender identity. At SSC, we respect and support those with diverse sexual orientation, those who may experience gender dysphoria, or those who identify as a different gender to the one assigned at birth. We do this by using inclusive language, respecting and using people’s ‘preferred pronouns’ (i.e. he/him, she/her or they/them) and promoting initiatives that promote wellbeing and equality for LGBTQIA individuals. Our school strives to be a place of safety and inclusion for people, free from discrimination or fear of difference.