Head of College, Abbey Barrett with one of our Skillset Senior College students.

A message from the Head of College:

Our Skillset Senior College community is an inclusive, thriving hub of creativity and ingenuity. A place where individuality and diversity are celebrated, yet a deep sense of belonging and purpose infuse the schooling experience. Love and compassion are at the heart of all we do, and who we are, both individually and collectively.

Skillset Senior College’s educational and wellbeing perspective is founded in counselling theory and wellbeing principles. Our student centred, strengths based, solution focused outlook underpins how we approach the variety of hurdles that come our way in an average school day. The structure, processes and procedures are influenced by the military and policing experience of our Deputy, Mark Whitfeld. It is this dual perspective of wellbeing, balanced with a structured framework, and the commitment and determination of an inspirational team and thriving school ecosystem, that has led to the  outstanding student outcomes, and the creation of a new way of learning. Hence our motto, “school… but not as you know it!”

Our strong foundations provide stability, reliability and the ability to remain agile and responsive to individual needs, while also looking after the school as a whole. The environment, engaging teaching and intentional harmony created by a team working together shoulder to shoulder, are the catalyst to a whole-hearted learning experience. Staff and student wellbeing are at the core of our approach, and we aim to enhance the lives of all those that come in contact with our school. A growth mindset and intentional practice enhance the overall goal of working together to reach our vision of creating the “best future imaginable”.

The Skillset Senior College staff and influential school culture, live and breathe our school values of Kindness, Courage and Consideration. Authentic relationships, with strong interpersonal and conflict resolution skills at their core, are encouraged and practiced. The relationship focus reflects our point of difference to a traditional educational institution.

We hope your experience of Skillset Senior College is a positive one. Our small but mighty school is a place where you will be supported to work hard, to build strong relationships and to live your “best future imaginable”. Allow yourself to dream big and pursue your goals!

With warmest wishes from the SSC Senior Leadership,

Head of College

Abbey Barrett – Abbey has over twenty years’ experience in counselling, psychology, welfare and education, beginning her career in Adolescent and Family Counselling in 2000, and commencing in leadership at Skillset Senior College in 2016. Her counselling framework and approach to life is strengths based, solution focused and person centred, working towards the vision of creating the best future imaginable. Abbey has a passion for holistic education, team development and the integration of wellbeing perspectives. She feels it a great privilege to work alongside the brilliant team at Skillset Senior College.

Deputy Head of College

Mark Whitfeld – Mark is an engaging and experienced educator with a wealth of experience in teaching, mentoring and education management. Coming to Skillset Senior College in 2017, Mark’s adventures in agriculture and policing, along with his concurrent service in a leadership role with the Australian Defense Force have positioned him as a strategic thinker with a strong command of business and operational management. Mark has a tremendous capacity to connect with young people and empower them to take responsibility for their learning, and he enjoys developing systems and processes to enhance the running of the College.

Bathurst Campus Coordinator 

Adam Ryan – Adam ‘Rhino’ Ryan is an accomplished teacher with more than 10 years of experience in special education.  He is known for his motivational skills along with his ability to inspire and encourage the students to reach their full potential while also being a passionate advocate for their mental health and wellbeing.  Adam embodies Skillset Senior College’s core values of ‘courage, kindness and consideration’ while also including a commitment to teaching excellence, respect, teamwork and innovation. His passion for ‘connection through relationships’ and his dedication to the students make him a valued member of the school and wider community.

Dubbo Campus Coordinator

Deanne Davis – Deanne is a Wellbeing & Leadership Coach with over 25 years’ experience working in the community services and education sector. Deanne has worked in a range of roles in the non-government and government organisations starting as a support worker than into coordination and management of programs and teams and more recently in education and training.  Deanne has also been involved in many local committees at both a working and voluntary level as she has a strong commitment to networking, building relationships and being connected to the community in which she works and lives.

Deanne is passionate about the importance of believing in people and wanting to work with people to be the best version of themselves. Deanne also has a strong commitment to wellbeing on a personal and professional level.