Important reminder – phone policy

To facilitate the learning of our students and the work of our team, our school has a consistent, ongoing approach to student mobile phones at school.

Students are asked to hand in their phones at the beginning of each lesson and can collect these at the start of each break. All students are aware of this requirement, and benefit from learning time that is uninterrupted by phones.

Students who require access to their phone during class time for any significant reason can arrange this in advance with a Wellbeing staff member. 

Please support your young person by encouraging them to hand in their phone during lessons, and by understanding that they may not answer calls or texts during class time. If you need to contact your young person urgently during school hours, please call reception on 1300 167 794, and we will put you in touch.

Thanks for your support!

The SSC team


If you have any concerns regarding this update or wish to contact the College for further information, please call 1300 167 794.